About Us

Valerie and Brooklyn!

Valerie and Brooklyn are a mother-child duo who created RainBee with the hope of spreading joy through fun stickers and other designs about inclusion for all.

More About Valerie (Rain) - she/her

Hi, I am Valerie, Mom of 2 amazing kids. My youngest is Autistic, non-speaking and has other significant challenges. Both of my kids have sparked my inner advocate to fight for not only my children but all children with disabilities, sexuality and gender preferences, and their lack of inclusion within their school district and community.

More About Brooklyn (Bee) - they/them

Brooklyn is a non-binary, and bisexual teen. They love playing videogames (especially Minecraft) and stream on Twitch. They are also a reader and writer and really enjoy the music of Corpse and Lovejoy. They are currently learning the languages of French, Norwegian, and ASL. They also started the first ever LGBTQIA+ club at their Catholic school which helped kick start the creation of other inclusive clubs such as the Black Student Union and the Muslim Student Union at their school!